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September 05, 2006


you suck

who cares


Thanks, Katie, but I don't give a rip.

The Dude Abides........

looks like something out of Minority Report.......

it's not real like Tom and Katie or whatever her name is .......


Clearly he is desperate for money.... What kind of person sells their baby's photos???

Amelia Kaos

I'm just trying to wrap my brain around why the hell this was so important that it made the nightly news.


What, no horns? Pitty.


Is it a water head?


CBSnews or Inside Edition?

Rhona Colescott

Yer pathetic! I could point out a thousand more worthy stories to blather about than some freak actors little freak kids! Piss off!

Albus Dumbledore

Why did they have an Asian baby?

Boss Hazzard

How did they hide the kid's antenna's?


This photo is an exact rip-off of one Linda McCartney did of Paul on the back of his first album "McCartney" right after the Beatles broke up.

JJ Harris

Looks like an ugly mexican alien. Should we have the crap bronzed and framed?


Someone asked earlier, 'What kind of person sells their baby's photos???'.
I would say that someone who has to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be a member of their religion... is the type of person who sells their baby's photos.


I feel sorry for the child. Tom Cruise and his "wife" can ruin their own lives, but now they've condemned an innocent child to a life as a freak. (or at the least, the child of freaks...)
I think the more interesting story is that of the outrageous beliefs of the parents... the public should be aware of what's out there, and what could possibly be poisoning your kids on the playgrounds--for what stories and "truths" will little Suri be speaking of between jump rope tries? Aliens? How her dad placed an ad for a wife (with two stipulations--convert to Scientology and have a baby)? Placenta eating? Scary thing is that it's all "normal" for her.


why don't you leave the baby alone she's cute....

Doctor Donut

Damn...I had thought that this was Suri...



Stop putting this idiocy on the news. This child has no notoriety and shouldn't be celebrated. Spare us!

Reality Check

I Think there are much more important things to be interested in than some stupid Scientologists' cult baby. Remember..if they never got their big breaks as actors they'd still be waiting tables on the graveyard shift at denny's


Over 6 1/2 trillion people in this world and .0001% care. Good reporting! Keeep it up! I'd rather look at a blank screen. Try talking about real news. If it is real news somebody may watch tomorrow.


i think tom and katie holmes are two very attractive and very talented actors. and their baby is very cute. i hope she has a great, productive life.

but come on. that rates 30 seconds or a minute of our time on an evening newscast about important events on this planet.

ms. couric, you are a very attractive and talented person yourself. but so much fluff in your first newscast is worse that disappointing. i think you are better than that.

the pandering goons who run cbs news should be ashamed.

i am sorry tv news has sunk to this new low.

i will be watching a lot less of it.




Hey Im no fan of TC nor do I care about celebs. I saw this on drudge and surfed in. I have to say that the baby girl is beautiful and I wish Tom and Katie and Suri all the best. Leave the child alone, whatever you think of them.


Shame on all of you for ridiculing a child who cannot defend herself. Her parents have made poor choices, but there is no excuse for a grown adult to be so cruel to a child.


to all of you who have commented, Y'ALL R THE FREAKS !!! so sad for you


What a lovely, lovely baby!! Such a great picture of two parents who deeply love their beautiful child. I wish them all the very best!

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