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The New 'Soy Bomb'

It's not a music awards show without someone taking the stage uninvited.

Tonight's unwelcome guest at the MTV Video Music Awards was someone who calls himself "6" -- or maybe he spells it "six," like the girl from 'Blossom'? UPDATE: It's "Sixx," of course... and apparently he's done this before.

In any case, he jumped on stage from the audience just as Panic! at the Disco arrived to accept the night's final award for Video of the Year. Grabbing the microphone from one of the band members as they walked on stage, he said something about MTV not giving him his own show, then plugged his web site -- (which promptly crashed) -- before being tackled by security and ushered off the stage.

Jennifer Lopez (on stage to present the award) was impressively cool, refusing to hand him the band's moon man, despite his best efforts:

UPDATE (9/1/06): According to their now semi-functional web site, Sixx and friends are selling a DVD ("From the Hood to Hollywood") about how they crash music awards shows:

"From the Hood to Hollywood chronicles the story of an upstart film company founded by two struggling film makers Nicholas "Sixx" King and Brooklyn Jhonn. After years of being snubbed by the record industry for A-list music video jobs , Sixx and Jhonn decided that the only breaks ever given in show business are the breaks you give YOURSELF! The questions like Who are you? And what have you done would soon be unecessary . The duo along with their intern Tyla planned to pull the ULTIMATE independent project that would irradiate any such questions. They decided to film their rise to stardom by joining the music industry's celebrity's [sic] in their moments of glory. Sixx captivates audiences worldwide with humorous antics at the world's most prestigious award shows. "



When did MTV Music Awards become a "who is most emo" contest?

grant is an idiot

Panic! at the Disco isn't EMO, its pop-punk. Good effort tho, just kinda showed that ur an idiot, and dont know how to categorize music.


Yeah idiot!!! Don't you know pop-punk when you hear it!? Gosh idiot!!


Nothing changes the fact that Panic! at the Disco sucks; just like every other copy cat, one hit wonder band out now-a-days.


Emo, pop-punk, its all the same, pure shit. And even tagging the word "punk" onto "pop-punk" is an insult to REAL punk bands. Pop-punk is nothing like real punk, and should not be even remotley associated with it.


and I bet you are the leading authority on what insults "real" punk bands huh? You probably listen to the sex pistols and the Ramones so you know what you are talking about. Regardless of that, Panic! at the disco sucks ass just like every other band of today and most of the bands from the past.


panic sucks...hey how many emo kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb??...answer: nobody knows, theyd rather sit in the dark and cut themselves....suck it


get the joke right

Q:How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb.
A: FUCK EM let em cry in the dark

and yes panic sucks just like every wannabe band created every year to make money and yea they shouldnt even have the word punk their genre simply bcus theyre not and that doesnt make me a enius on the topic of punk rock its just a fact sry fagz

Tizzle Dizzle

being able to categorize punk music is nothing to be proud of. slice your sack.


Arguing over musical genres is lame. Fuck all of you.

The Magnificent Bastard

first of all. if you actually know the difference between pop-punk and emo then you are by far the one who is completely lame. having to categorize music into two lame categories like that is why MTV sucks to begin with.

Yatzee Yates



I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself...


Pop-Punk? Gimme a break. Its Pop or Punk, not both. And these guys are more pop then punk, and more pussy then anything else. Emo fags.


Funny thing is... they make more in a day then what you probably make in 5 years. Owned.


Hey, I have an idea. Lets argue over music!!! It's one of the pressing world issues that needs a good discussion for once!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up douchebags. No one gives a shit what you listen to or what you think sucks.


defending an awards show is for losers. i find it hillarious when MTV got a taste of its own medicine (punkt?)


God, are you all stupid? Panic at the Disco rocks so hardcore. Like, their lyrics make me wanna cry they're so good. I love them so much. Like I love darkness and hatred, and my parents. Fucking assholes won't give me any money to get more hair gel and that shirt I want from Hot Topic that shows how dark I am.


who ever is saying that panic is are right but very wrong, pretty much any music imaginable is "emo", and to the lyrics of panic, have any of you actually read them, there lyric style is similar to the strokes which is nothing like "my life is pain and darkness" but then again ive never heard a band that has lyrics like this, understand emo(tional) before u go and label all bands that arent fucking black label society(who suck btw, who have "emo" songs)

your mom

no talent ass clowns, when did music die?


lyrical genius, to be honest, never pop punk, punk means about 30 genres in itself, while panic defines themselves and keeps their own rep underground, amazing album pick it up


The Sex Pistols are punk. Panic at the disco is emo. And the joke can go either way, ,if heard those variations plus like 17 more. So unless you wrote it, stop thinking you're the extreme joke teller 5001 who knows all extreme jokes and the only one who knows all extreme really really really cool jokes.


Music is music.....except RAP...which is not music...its beats with conversation over them.

Dont care what you like....EMO is gay....Punk is DEAD....and music is always going to be music.....

Except that Panic At The Disco missed the music leason at some point, obviously ! The crap they call music these days !!!


Readin' all this is too funny. Everyone seems to get so heated over music. If it motivates or gets you goin' that is great. Everyone has there own tastes based on their own life experiences. But please keep arguing because this shit should be published in a book. I love it! Take a moment to cool off and EAT A BANANA. Or shove it up your ass.

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