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you suck

who cares


Thanks, Katie, but I don't give a rip.

The Dude Abides........

looks like something out of Minority Report.......

it's not real like Tom and Katie or whatever her name is .......


Clearly he is desperate for money.... What kind of person sells their baby's photos???

Amelia Kaos

I'm just trying to wrap my brain around why the hell this was so important that it made the nightly news.


What, no horns? Pitty.


Is it a water head?


CBSnews or Inside Edition?

Rhona Colescott

Yer pathetic! I could point out a thousand more worthy stories to blather about than some freak actors little freak kids! Piss off!

Albus Dumbledore

Why did they have an Asian baby?

Boss Hazzard

How did they hide the kid's antenna's?


This photo is an exact rip-off of one Linda McCartney did of Paul on the back of his first album "McCartney" right after the Beatles broke up.

JJ Harris

Looks like an ugly mexican alien. Should we have the crap bronzed and framed?


Someone asked earlier, 'What kind of person sells their baby's photos???'.
I would say that someone who has to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be a member of their religion... is the type of person who sells their baby's photos.


I feel sorry for the child. Tom Cruise and his "wife" can ruin their own lives, but now they've condemned an innocent child to a life as a freak. (or at the least, the child of freaks...)
I think the more interesting story is that of the outrageous beliefs of the parents... the public should be aware of what's out there, and what could possibly be poisoning your kids on the playgrounds--for what stories and "truths" will little Suri be speaking of between jump rope tries? Aliens? How her dad placed an ad for a wife (with two stipulations--convert to Scientology and have a baby)? Placenta eating? Scary thing is that it's all "normal" for her.


why don't you leave the baby alone she's cute....

Doctor Donut

Damn...I had thought that this was Suri...


Stop putting this idiocy on the news. This child has no notoriety and shouldn't be celebrated. Spare us!

Reality Check

I Think there are much more important things to be interested in than some stupid Scientologists' cult baby. Remember..if they never got their big breaks as actors they'd still be waiting tables on the graveyard shift at denny's


Over 6 1/2 trillion people in this world and .0001% care. Good reporting! Keeep it up! I'd rather look at a blank screen. Try talking about real news. If it is real news somebody may watch tomorrow.


i think tom and katie holmes are two very attractive and very talented actors. and their baby is very cute. i hope she has a great, productive life.

but come on. that rates 30 seconds or a minute of our time on an evening newscast about important events on this planet.

ms. couric, you are a very attractive and talented person yourself. but so much fluff in your first newscast is worse that disappointing. i think you are better than that.

the pandering goons who run cbs news should be ashamed.

i am sorry tv news has sunk to this new low.

i will be watching a lot less of it.




Hey Im no fan of TC nor do I care about celebs. I saw this on drudge and surfed in. I have to say that the baby girl is beautiful and I wish Tom and Katie and Suri all the best. Leave the child alone, whatever you think of them.


Shame on all of you for ridiculing a child who cannot defend herself. Her parents have made poor choices, but there is no excuse for a grown adult to be so cruel to a child.


to all of you who have commented, Y'ALL R THE FREAKS !!! so sad for you


What a lovely, lovely baby!! Such a great picture of two parents who deeply love their beautiful child. I wish them all the very best!


Can we be honest adults here? That baby is not attractive. You psychophants are pretty sad. We waited all this time, and ppphhhhh...what a waste of space this story is. I feel the need to somehow express how sad I am that I wasted my time here.


That's nice. He's a daddy and he's got boyfriends on the side.
Cruise is Creepy.


Andrea, I wonder if you are proud knowing that you have publicly ridiculed a baby. You must be pretty insecure about yourself to say such cruel things about a child.


Katie I hope you will be very happy with your child. You can be very happy with or without Tom.


I bet Walter Cronkite was embarassed that something as trivial as this made NATIONAL NEWS. Only boring people with little else to do but gawk at Hollywood stars care.


What a beautiful baby. I think the media coverage of "where's suri?" has been disgusting. If anything, children should be off limits. No one, not even TC, deserved the cr@p that was being printed about his new baby girl. Congratulations Tom and Katie. All the health and happiness for your precious child.

Linda McLain

WHO CARES???????????????




Baby Suri is a beautiful little girl. Her parents love each other and her very much. I do not believe 90% of the propaganda written about anyone today. And to all of you petty mean spirited people, take a good look in the mirror. If all you can do is spew insults, you are to be pitied.


Wow. Who knew there were such twisted, sick and vile people in the world.

(Thats refering to the commenters on here. Not the cruise family above).
And that's one of the loveliest babies I've ever seen.


I don't care for Tom Cruise, and never gave a rip about Katie Holmes as an actress, but the baby sure looks like a sweetie. Just a precious, little one that doesn't know her dad is a nut.


The contrast between what Katie/CBS call real news vs. the professionalism of Williams and Gibson is glaring. Don't think either gent would gush over photos of the Cruise baby nor would they make the mistake of saying "The war on terror began of course with the September 11th attacks on the United States."

As an anchor who wants credibility, we shouldn't have to remind her of the terrorist attacks from the first bombing of the WTC in 1993, to Khobar Towers, the African embassy bombings and the attack on the USS Cole, etc. Too much fluff and little substance. In short, bring back Bob Schieffer.




Truth Detector

WHy is the baby wearing a toupee??


How interesting that THIS is the big thing in the news. The FDA approves spraying meat with viruses, our personal liberties are vanishing, we are being surveilled everywhere we go, they are starting to fingerscan children for their school lunches, more and more Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job and the 9/11 commission was a whitewash and THIS is the news. Can you say diversion from reality?
Can you say don't pay attention to real issues?

And, what is an heor?


Bunch of sick people here. You would so much more enjoy seeing dead people and massacres. Just like all the criticism they got for owning a sonogram. They bought it so the doctor could use it at their home so they wouldn't get hounded. Foolish, ignorant public. The money from this shoot is being donated. This is what happens when petty little people of no consequence speak.


Do you sycophants who are adressing these
two freaks by name honestly believe they will read that pablum? Or would care what you think if forced to? "Katie you are great" ,"Tom you are a great actor", seriously are you hoping to get attention from these wackjobs by using their names, they don't care about you, they are puppets, freaky asexual puppets with a store bought baby.


What a shock... Another illegitimate child from a couple of actors shacking up. I am sure the nuns at Katie's old church are soooo proud of her.


Did they go through the gabor sisters wig catalog to put that carpet over baby Suri's head?


Wake up, people...American 'media' is nothing more than "Media for Morons", delivered by "Ms. Fluffy and the Spin Gang".
As for Tommie Boy and his new brat..tell someone who cares!


Poor thing... no, not the baby - Katie Couric.


Tom and katie married? Don't think so. She's a whore and he's worse how many whores does this make for him? Babies cute tho.


Where's a stingray when you need it?

patty bray

Beautiful baby with lots of hair. Tom is not crazy. He is just a dramatic actor as is Katy. They are different than regular people. The make MILLIONS of dollars doing what they do. I wish I could make more that 12 an hour....Don't be mean and jealous.
Give them a chance. I am sure half the world of people are living togehter and not married. Remember, live in their shoes, first before throwing stones....


Wow, look at this baby's eyes! She is very aware, alert, happy and she has a very 'knowing' look about her, maybe there is something to Scientology! This kid is a jewel!


I think the baby is cute but Katie Couric needs to either report the news or work on Entertainment tonight who cares about celebs and their kids when there are people who are fighting for our country in a war, like no offense to anyone here but Katie Couric needs to go !!!!


and do you need to wonder why america will not take couric to serious?!....come on, this is some sad sh*t if this is a cbs nightly news story.....bye bye katie!


So, I guess now Tom goes to France and checks in to a high-end hotel to dangle the baby out the window. Let's move on.


she's gorgeous. you faggots are programmed to dis her.


Katie, this is so like you. Get the scoop. This is a beautiful baby, but she looks to Asian to be the right baby. Congratulations Katie on your new job. Good luck. You are a phenominal jounralist.... You go girl.


Leave Katie Couric out of this debate any news organizition would of done it before CBS. Everyone should wish the baby well and be done with it. Everyone should remember not everyone can have children and they are blessed to have one.

Mamie Watts

Hummm, 'a phenominal journalist" - somewhere, Edward R. Murrow and William Shirer are squirming. Is this what television news has come to? Oh lord, give me any station but Katie's station.


Is Katie Asian? Congrats to Nicole, Peneople, Rebecca, whats-her-name, ex-wife #1 & numerous others, you escaped. Now let's hope Kate & Suri run for it.Maybe Katies parents will talk some sense into her sad little face. Maybe Tom have another affair with another actress, kick Katie out, blame her, etc., and history will repeat itself until he is a lonely Bruce Willis with lots of cash, fans and no love. Asian Babies Rock!


Vic - may you one day wake up next to Katherine Harris.


Posted by: zarkonone | September 05, 2006 at 07:26 PM

Where's a stingray when you need it?



You people are so rude. What have these two people done to deserve these nasty comments. The baby is gorgeous as is her parents. You cant believe all the stories out there. You people Sound like a bunch of ignorant and jealous low life's. Let them enjoy showing off their daughter.

Sally Who

Ever since Tom got the boot from Paramount, he is out there apologizing to Brooke Shields and then showing off the mystery baby. Trying to back off the wacko reputation he's landed.


How disappointing. Tabloid Katie stays 'tabloid'. While the world sits on the brink, THIS is what we get as the "new medium for NEWS." While I most certainly wish Suri (and all newborns) all good things in life, to dominate the news with this ego driven tabloid obcession is well, what I feared we would get from CBS.

Glad I trusted my instinct and kept the TV off. What's tomorrow, the window crowd with the sceamers and their Hi Mom signs!

Bloggers, it's all yours!



Cute baby, but my baby is just beautiful. My baby's dad is JK Rowling's first cousin. Do you think Vanity Fair will buy a picture? That should be worth at least a few $$$$$$!

rob enderle

These are the pictures of a child that was 4 months old at the time?
The age of the baby isnt the only thing off.
It also looks like two different babies in the pictures released and in one of the two shots it looks asian.

As an anchor who wants credibility, we shouldn't have to remind her of the terrorist attacks from the first bombing of the WTC in 1993, to Khobar Towers, the African embassy bombings and the attack on the USS Cole, etc. Too much fluff and little substance. In short, bring back Bob Schieffer.
Are you for real? If you had reporters ACTUALLY asking questions, you would throw out of whack the whole system. Its better for them to close their eyes and just regurgitate state department press releases and then 2-3 years after failing to to their job announce that they were lied to.

Hell, if you went back to the 90's, youd have to dig up the fact that under the Clinton administration we allowd Osama and tens of thousands of his wonderful head choppers free reign in Bosnia because they 'were the nice muslims', remember? Even though they had a president who had written less than a decade earlier an Islamic Declaration which claimed that a muslim society cannot exist in parralel to other social structures or religions, that it MUST be the final authority on all aspects of like.
Then to make things worse, we bomb teh crap out of a country that is fighting the largest and best trained terrorist groups in teh world according to the CIA, the Kosovo albanian army (which we armed and trained).
Considering that these terrorists were responsbile for the deaths of more than 300 police officers the previous year, wed be laughing at the suggestion that israel was being justified of war crimes because of two soldiers being kidnapped.
Wed have to dig out the pictures of US secretaries of state and defense with wanted INTERPOL criminals having cafe and croissant in France.
No one wants that kind of truth.
Youd have to remind people them that the 911 planners were Bosnian trained and based. A Madrid bombing suspect was caught while in transit from Bosnia and three of the last al Quaeda leaders in S.Arabia have all been veterans of the holy war in Bosnia including one who came back with his official Bosnian passport and his bosnian wife.
I dont think your friend Bob would have had the truth anymore than the US equivalent of Pradva, CNN, would have.
The media is there to justify the position of the american government and it eats up the staged even like the incubator babies (Iraq), marketplace massacres (Bosnia), Racak massacre (verified by William Walker, who was known as Commander Death during his stay in south america) and WMD (Iraq) that the US uses to justify its military invasions.
The majority of US invasions are always preceded by a watershed events like Pearl Harbour and the gulf of Tomkin which are always faithfully covered by the press to achieve its wanted result.
America does NOT want the real news. It wants to be lied by big brother as long as they can tell themselves that the lies seem true enough.
America NEEDS Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson and all those trivial little things which like a good magicians tricks, keep our minds on the right hand...while the left hand goes on to do its deed.
Katie Kouric or Christine Amampour propagands pieces (ask war correspondents about her photo ops and placements) are the same thing.

Barney K.

Rob Enderle-

Quit preaching. No one cares what you have to say.


That baby is uglier than a mud fence....It's a sad day when this passes for real news.


Some of the comments from the public are more hurtful then what the media or celebrities puts out there (ugly Mexican baby)! Come on! All we can hope for the child is love, security and happiness we all deserve that much.


Little Suri is beautiful (with eyes that are wise beyond her months).


Cute kid. Much like the millions born every week on this planet. C'mon folks, they ain't royalty no matter how much the media would love for you to treat them that way. Personally, I'm not to keen on subscribing to the beliefs of a person who makes a living being someone they aren't. In a word - underwhelmed.

Keepin It Real

All of you are just jealous because you are ugly people with ugly children. Stop hatin' on us beautiful people.


I think Katie Couric is a freak! Too bad she's also in the back pocket of the Liberal Democrats. Stay tuned - as Election Time draws near - watch her spin for the Dem's ! I'm sure she's already on Hillary's payroll for '08.


Wait a minute, I think they've stumbled onto something big. My next baby, I'm going to have my wife hide her/him/it for 3 months and then publish -to great fanfare- her/his/its first photos and make a mint!! That's all there is to it!


You'd think that the woman that he delcared his undying love for, the one that supposedly bore his child would at least manage to get a marriage out of it. Wake up Katy, he's NEVER going to marry you. And for all you free-love daisy waivers out there, marriage is worth something and is more than a piece of paper. I bet if there had been more husbands in the Katrina "families" and not just wham bam thank you mam baby families it would have made a huge difference since the men would have taken care of their families and the government wouldn't have to do it for them before and after. Responsible men that marry the woman ,create a stable home and THEN have the family are a benefit to society while the financially strapped, time starved single Mom with kids drain society. Stop marginalizing the huge contribution than a responsible husband and Father makes to our society. We need more of them....lots more. That includes you Tom Cruise. The color of your skin and size of your bank account doesn't excuse you. Be a man.


Stick to the colonoscopy least that's more newsworthy than Suri Cruise.


This is utterly ridiculous.
I think the point is - for serious viewers,interested in actual news,we do not need to have photos of people we could care less about.
My wife and I are both successful professionals,and we turn on the news to get news.Not photos of some celeb couple.
How come noone talks of Mother (soon to be Saint) Theresa?
What have these people done?
At least the Gates are putting their money to good use.
celebs are useless,and the sad state of affairs of this world is that we fuel this sillyness with our obsession for celebs.
As for me,no more cbs news

Joey Longo

She is very cute.Keep her away from any stingrays!!!!


he only sold those photos because they were about to kill his job kick him outta their business thats why hes coming out. listen, hes apologizing to brooke shields doing all this other shit just to get the attention back on him. i think he loves the camera to much and katie is so sucked in she cant save herself. nor can tom. the baby is very cute. but i dont think it is toms because he wasnt able to have babies thats why they adopted with nicole kidman he is fertile his tubes are tied hahah. go to hell all he wants is money


Come on people... leave the poor kid alone. She's a beautiful baby and i agree with Ron and JoJo...she's cute and you people should be ashamed of the things you are saying about this baby. I hope that she is loved and that her parents raise her with morals. And as for people who sell their baby's pics for money...i kinda recall Brand Pitt and Angelina Jolie doing the same thing...oh wait...for charity..yeah... either way, Suri is adorable and i wish her and her family all the best!


I feel sorry for the baby considering that scientology is against immunizations and medicine. If this baby gets sick, there's going to be a real problem.


Why does this so-called 4 month old look like a one year old baby?


If Katie wants to pull something out of her butt, stick to the borescope!


They are so hard up for money that they now sell pictures of their Asian adopted baby. Know the bottom line is money in their pocket.

Doctor Donut


All hail L. Ron Hubbard!!!!! He hath delivered unto us this beautiful child.


All hail L. Ron Hubbard!!!!! He hath delivered unto us this beautiful child.


All hail L. Ron Hubbard!!!!! He hath delivered unto us this beautiful child.


What's wrong with all you out there? I think Suri is a beautiful baby, and her parents are also. I am really pleased to see these pictures, I have been waiting to see them since her birth...Thank you Tom and Katie.


now i get the name- it's part asian- the name fits. it's beautiful- typical hair of asian-decendant (indian, mexican, latino, etc)infant....who do they think they are fooling? "Donor-sperm" it's just NOT that hard to say, Tom.


you guys are pretty mean. this is a beautiful baby and who cares what religion they practice, even if it does have to do with aliens. yeah, but i do agree that "who cares", i mean did people really not believe she was born? some crazy stuff.

P. Ryan

She's beautiful!


Wouldn't it be ironic if Katie comes down with a case of post-partum depression?


Er..Why did they cast a one year old Asian child for the role of Suri Cruise? - Whatever.


That is alot of hair onher head. Can you say "Doctored Photo"?


I could care less about the whole Cruise/Holmes thing, but have to say that the Vanity Fair cover is another great photograph by the master Annie Leibovitz.

G. Larussa

Is the kid wearing a wig or sumthin?


Thank you so much Tom and Katie, you proved once more eve if it was not necessary how stupid you two are. Tom get rid of that damn scientology who really washed your brain away and start living in the REAL world as a REAL person.
Katie pick up that baby and run away as far as you can before thing get out of control.
People wonders about someone who sells his baby's pics, problem is that this seems to be what people realy wants to see, if anyony cared about tommy and katie's daughetr or bard and angelina's one the world would be exactly the same and that money could be better spent.


as for Suri's hair color, have any of you morons noticed that both katie's and Tom's hair is dark? what color would you expect the childs hair to be?, its a simple matter of genetics people!

envy and jealousy....the root of all evil.

cute kid!

claie cooke

Katie couric on CBS news is the dumbing down of america......i.e. a dumb story on this baby..What would walter cronkite do??????


Well, Katie Couric on the CBS news was nothing but what I expected from Couric. Nothing. Seeing her sit on the desk to deliver fluffy news like Suri Cruise was so sad.

Comon Couric and get someone else to deliver the news.

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