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Waste of Time

WHO CARES???? There is a war on, an election in 50+ days, and American Idol is about to start back up. But seriously, is that kid human? Maybe there is something to that whole we came from aliens thing.


Let's not worry about any of this crap and start getting behind building a HUGE wall along the Mexican, US border to keep all the illegal law breakers from coming into our country At least Tom pays taxes and speaks English as his first language.
"Long Live America"!!!!
And I'm sick of having to say African American or Mexican American?? How bout just American!! (legal of course) I'm sick of every race besides the white race being able to make any comment that they want and not being racist like the whites Europeans


First I was going to scream a big Who Cares regarding the awe and worship of overpaid, pompous weirdos, now I am going to ask Who Cares what a bunch of people on the net think? It's like YouTube. Just because we all have a means to speak in front of millions doesn't mean we all have something ot say.
I do agree though, the kid looks like it has a toupee on it's head.


Can you imagine the deal he drew up with Katie Holmes?
1) I'm looking for a woman who will totally give herself to Scientology and my control;
2) You will never speak of it and keep it confidential under threat of your life and losing a child;
3) You agree to give up your career and family in exchange for my taking care of you financially;
4) Any child will be bred by artificial insemination since we will never have sex with each other--I, however, am free to do as I like;
5) I will provide you with all material needs in exchange for your complete silence on ANY and ALL matters;
6) You agree to relinquinsh custody of any and all children if you breach the aforementioned silence in any way;
7) You agree to raise any and all children within the Church of Scientology without question, regardless of your personal feelings or spiritual beliefs;
8) Suri and all, if any, following children are my personal possessions and you will participate as their breeding cow under my auspices and control;
9) You will have no financial interest in, nor familial control over my assets, the children or my career;
10) You are under my complete control or you will loose your child (children), your career (what's left of it), your independence (what's left of it) and financial control of your life.
11) I will control your contact with your family and friends...and with your child.
12) Now shut up and piss off.


I think, it's not fair to humiliate baby Suri. She's adorable.
I think what it is, her parents need money since the movie "War of the World" flunked and they are desperately in need of money so they grab the opportunity.
I wander how much did Vanity Fair paid for Suri's photos? and you CBS rides on the publicity too..shame on you. WE've got more important issues than this.


They did not sell the photo's...this was done without any payments to the Cruise family or a charity (a la the Brangelina baby) include the Church of Scientology.


First of all she has blue eyes

Ah, have you never heard of Photo Shop?

But for the record, I think both Cruise and Holmes are great actors... I don't care that they had a baby, I don't care that Cruise has opinions on PPD (only an idiot listens to an actor over their own doctor), I don't care about their religion. I'll see their movies b/c they are talented and entertaining and they pick good projects.

But I will probably never watch CBS Evening news again for chosing such an innane story for World News. CBS has reached a new low with Katie Couric.


I am really sorry for your baby Kathi, but all the blame falls on Tom. You should listen to your mom and dad. Yes their are some things that don't add up right.
But I will wait and see. The truth will always come out in time what ever it may be.
Tom, may have gone in over his head this time.


the fact that you all took time out to write these appalling, rude, and totally unnecessary comments shows you do care. About the stupid "asian" thing, you people would complain even if she had looked american. you're so caught up in making yourselves feel better because they're accomplished and wealthy, that you have no idea what your talking about. personally, i would rather live a normal, low-salary life than live with you envious excuses for humans talking about my family like that. i think she is the most adorable baby i've ever seen. her hair is fine! who says it's been like that from day one? and stop ratting on tom's religion. he has just as much right to be a scientologist as any of us do. i'm not saying i agree with their beliefs but this is totally segregational and you all need to take a chill pill. i think i need one myself this is so absurd. finally, that news broadcast was like, what, not even a minute? calm down and live with it! anyway, i doubt any of you know tom or katie personally and you are in no position to be making these judgements so just shut your pie holes, you're making yourselves look like idiots.

p.s. if a 15 year old can recognize that (as i am) then you surley can.


For all you "cretans" who are saying mean and hurtful things about this couple and their baby ..shame on you! These are human beings with feelings like anyone else and the fact that you think it is ok to make derrogatory comments about an innocent baby and her proud parents makes me sick..shame on you. Suri is absolutely beautiful and is one very lucky baby to be born to what are obviously proud and loving parents. People that I'm sure have more decency in their toenail than you people could ever muster up..Best wishes to Suri Tom and Katie.


I think Suri is a gorgeous baby.


cute baby with a couple of freaks ...who cares?


I think the baby is absolutely gorgeous. Although, I don't believe it warrants the news, I believe the comments previously left are ridiculous. Suri is just a cute, innocent little baby that has no idea what is going on. Her parents may have eccentric beliefs but that is their business not mine. As long as he keeps putting out good movies, I could give a crap less what religion he has. Congrats Tom and Kate to a gorgeous baby girl with a gorgeous head of hair.


why are people so mean? why can't we be happy for them? is there a law against wanting to have a family?


The kid is just a victim. Too many people in the world have kids just because they want to. These two psychos obviously don't qualify for parenthood.

About the kid looking Asian? Well Tom and Kat may be retards, but if they wanted to fool the world they would at least make sure that the baby is Caucasian. Duh.

And yes, this shit is not evening news material.


this baby doesnt look like either of hten did they PAY the baby to take its picture??


Well Tom and Katie,
All i have to say is congratulations. Ignore what the press says and all those ignorent people that don't care about whats u guys do or say in life u have a wonderful baby girl and you should be happy.
I'm sure you will be great parents.
good luck!!!


Deborah Keeton

Suri is a beautiful baby!! Why is everyone being so mean toward an innocent child. Stop hating!


well i wonder how shorty Tom was able to get the job done .
he is 6inches shorter than his honey..


Dear Katie, I'm a great fan of you since your first movie....very dissapointed to read about your baby "SURI". she's an angel! But very very curious why she look more like 1 year old than 4 months old. My baby coming to 3 months old next week...and still has the baby looks! Baby suri's hair amazing as she really 4 months OLD. Be honest to yourself my dear. Don't ruin yourself for publicity. You are so famous already with or without TOM!!!!


I have to admit I used to be a long time fan of TC remember that good ole days of the firm, a few good men etc? What happened tom ?? I really feel that you have lost your mind! What kind of person ridicules another person for their medication? What kind of person makes a spectacule of themselves? I think its time to step OUT of the spotlight for awhile and do some serious soul searching perhaps get back to your roots before you reach wacko jacko proportions. As far as Katie Holmes is concerned can any of us really be surprised she donated her uterus for this? She's a teen actress with no real longevity in the biz and this little stunt will catapult her to be remembered forever. Any regrets Katie?? In any respect the child pictured with them is a beautiful blessing and should be cherished as such whether she is adopted,from donated sperm or fell from the sky!

Kristen Davis

Right! Who cares if it's not really their baby? But then if we didn't then why are we all on here sharing our comments about it?

I believe the photograph is authentic.

Why would they bother putting a wig on a child that's not theirs anyway?


Gorgeous baby ! Stop hatin on an innocent baby ! Who cares what you think anyway ?!Pathetic excuses for human beings....HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE CALL AN INNOCENT CHILD "UGLY" !!! Suri is one of God's creations and should be treated with respect. Shame on you !


That baby is so pretty, people in this world is so cruel talking about that innocent little child.

TREAT PEOPLE HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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