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Remembering Soft-Shoe Silhouettes

NOTE: I originally wrote this post in the spring of 2006 while working on the now-defunct Pan and Scan blog. Since the archives there are long gone, I'm re-posting here.

If you never watched the '70s children's television show, 'Electric Company,' you may want to skip this one.

A month ago, we wrote a post on the new 5-disc 'Best of Electric Company' DVD box set, where we surveyed the web for clips from the show.

The experience re-awoke nearly 30 year-old memories, and honestly left me wanting more. So I picked up the new DVD, took another deep dive, and wasn't disappointed.

Fans of the show likely remember some of the recurring characters: Rita Moreno as "The Director," Morgan Freeman as "Easy Reader" -- all are included in the set, but the sequence I found most trippy nearly thirty years later was one I'd hardly remembered:

Dubbed 'soft-shoe silhouettes' by the show's producers, these short sequences were frequently used as a bridge between the more popular skits on the show.

Apparently I'm not the only ones with a fondness for the sequence -- after rooting around a bit more online, I found this homage from an episode of 'Family Guy':

Does anyone else smell a pop culture renaissance for the silhouettes?


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